Certification & Authenticity

S.S. Platinum is a specialised Platinum Jewellery manufacturing company. All our jewellery is manufactured in Pt 950 ( 95 % Platinum)

We make use of Pure Platinum (95%) alloyed with best quality, specifically made alloys, to give the jewellery pieces long lasting lustre & strength.

The company prides itself on its wide range of exquisitely crafted jewellery, using modern technology to produce the finest quality diamond jewellery for leading retailers around the world.

Along with our own certification, every piece of jewellery that we make is certified for authenticity by third-party international laboratories namely Diamond and Gem Laboratories of America (DGLA).

All Solitaire diamonds are certified by GIA, IGI, DGLA.

Gemstones used are also certified from reputed Laboratories.

For further queries, write to us at care@ssplatinum.com or call +91.22.2340 2849