Platinum Jewellery Manufacturers

We at S.S. Platinum - part of S.S. Traders (SS Group) are a proud Indian crafters & designers of fine Platinum jewelry.

We are one of the Platinum Jewellery Manufacturers in Mumbai - India which are dedicated solely to crafting Platinum jewelry and probably one of a couple of companies selling Platinum jewelry online. This is our dedication to Platinum, which King Arthur described as "the only metal fit for the Kings to wear".

Platinum as a metal has its own moods (technically) & does make certain demands on the jeweller's skills, which we have mastered with our dedication towards Platinum jewelry since the last 10 years.

Apart from making complete range of Platinum jewelry, what we have achieved in the last 10 years is the specialization in customization. Platinum appeals to people who want something rare, pure & eternal for themselves & their loved ones hence the push for something unique. We strive hard to bring to life this dream of our customers.

We also strive for innovation in products & techniques in Platinum and want to give our customers some pride in possession hence we present "Platina" the world's first pen in Platinum.

We take pride in the fact that our customers keep coming back to us from the world over because we put in our hearts to every piece of jewelry as we believe that it is not just a products for our customers but their

"celebration of love".

Platinum Jewellery Manufacturers in Mumbai, India